My Mother’s day

By Abdur Rahmaan Umar

“I love you, mom,” whispered Yusuf as he wrapped the soft pashmina shawl around his mother’s shoulders. The vibrant peach contrasted with the dark rings that had grown under her eyes lately, but their brightness had not faded.

Her eyes lit up as she stroked the delicate embroidery on the edge of the shawl, “And this…Yusuf?”

Yusuf looked at her with the excitement of a young boy unpacking his first bicycle, “Wait ma…there’s more,” he cried, as he removed a burgundy jewellery box. Presenting it in front of his mother, like they were the crown jewels, he gingerly lifted the lid to reveal a string of exquisite cultured pearls, delicately strung together with small black pearls breaking the shimmer of the white pearls.

Al-Muhaddithat: the Women scholars in Islam

An ebook  “Al-Muhaddithat: the Women scholars in Islam” by Mohammad Akram Nadwi can be downloaded from here.

This book was conceived as a translation of the Muqaddimah to an as yet unpublish biographical dictionary in Arabic of the women scholars of hadth in Islamic history. However, it was soon apparent that much of the orignal needed to be adopted, not simply translated.

Valentine Day, Birthdays, and Other Daze

What commercial and cultural propaganda presents as beautiful is rooted in ugly paganism but most blind followers do not know.

Sharia Ruling on the decree pronouncement by the court

The following issues have been discussed by Mufti Yusuf Sacha in the attached document (see link below)
  • Is the divorce issued by the court approved and authorized?
  • If the man or woman files for a divorce, is the ruling in both cases the same or not?
  • If the divorce takes place, what type of divorce takes place?
  • When does the divorce take place in regards to waiting period (iddah)
  • In many cases the woman is abused and mistrated, what measures can be adopted to remove these circumstances?

You can download the document in english here or in urdu here.

Introduction to Islamic Finance

Please click here to download an e-book on “Introduction to Islamic Finance” by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani