Updates on food Aid Convey to Calais, France


Please find below pictures and videos of the recent visit to Calais, France.

UK Floods – More Updates


Please find below the certificate and video showing how Muslims in Swindon helped people affected by floods in UK.

UK Floods – Updates

Assalamualikum All,

Please find below a short update from Brother Abdussamad Mulla and a video playlist showing how AlImdaad organisation with the help of charity and fund raised across UK including Swindon helped the flood victims.

Winter Aid Convoy to Calais


A team of volunteers will be travelling to Calais from Swindon to donate winter clothes and goods. If you wish to donate anything, please see the details on the posted below.

Muharram 1437 – Updates


Please note that the 10th of Muharram will be on Saturday 24th October 2015. It is Sunnah to fast on the:

9th (Friday 23rd of October) and 10th (Saturday, 24th October) Or 10th(Saturday, 24th October) and 11th(Sunday, 25th October)  of Muharram.

Therefore please try to fast on 9th and 10th or 10th and 11th to earn sawab.