Step by step guide to Hajj

Leaving Home

  • Two Rakaats Salaah of Safar (travel)
  • Leave Home
  • On arrival in Jeddah the males and females are separated. Give your spouse her passport, vaccination certificate, etc.
  • Make sure they give you back the part of the Immigration document that you have to fill in on the plane. Store it safely. Without this you cannot leave Jeddah easily.
  • Meet after immigration at the baggage reclaim.

Duas for Hajj and Umrah


“In the name of Allaah.

I rely on Allaah. There is no power or might except from Allaah.”



Hajj is mentioned in the Hadaith as one of the Pillars of Islam. It is a duty to be performed by every Muslim who has the necessary wealth. Hajj is Fardh on every Muslim once in a life time. However, one may perform it more than once. Hajj is an ibadah in which money is spent in Allah’s way and strength is sacrificed for the pleasure of Allah Taala and at the same time it is a test of patience. Hajj also provides Muslims from all parts of the world the opportunity of meeting at a central venue to strengthen the bonds of Muslim Brotherhood.


Hajj in Detail

Haj is the 5th pillar of Islam. The Prophet Mohammed Sallallhu Alaihi Wasallam did not introduce the performance of Haj. It can be said to be as old as the Kaaba itself. Haj is a combination of both, physical and monetary ibdat [devotion].

Requirement for Hajj

  • Pairs comfortable shoes+takkies+ihraam shoes
  • Medication-diarrhea/vomiting/basics
  • Pocket size Quraan+ kitaabs
  • Nail brush
  • Safety pins