Hajj in Detail

Hajj is mentioned in the Hadaith as one of the Pillars of Islam. It is a duty to be performed by every Muslim who has the necessary wealth. Hajj is Fardh on every Muslim once in a life time. However, one may perform it more than once. Hajj is an ibadah in which money is spent in Allah’s way and strength is sacrificed for the pleasure of Allah Taala and at the same time it is a test of patience. Hajj also provides Muslims from all parts of the world the opportunity of meeting at a central venue to strengthen the bonds of Muslim Brotherhood.
The following are the articles about Hajj:

Ziyarah in Madinah

Madinah, which lies 447 kilometers north of the Holy City of Makkah, is the second holiest city inIslam. It was to Madinah that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his followers, faced by the hostility and persecution of the Makkhan merchants, departed in 622 AD – and, when the citizens of Madinah asked the Prophet to live amongst them and to arbitrate in their affairs (an invitation taken to mean their rejection of polytheism and submission to the will of the one God, Allah), it was in Madinah that the Islamic era began.

Please click here to download the pdf with pictures of prominent and important places in Madinah

Practical Hajj Tips

  • It is better to pay Travellers checks in Riyals.
  • Keep copy of receipt in separate place – not with T/Cs
  • Do not write your physical address on your bags – only postal.
  • Do not put currency in main luggage.
  • Take four extra I.D. photographs.
  • Do not take other peoples shopping list.
  • Do not be overweight.
  • Do not speak lies at customs.

Black Stone

There are a number of ahaadeeth etc. about the Black Stone which we will quote for our brother so that he may learn from them.

ZamZam Water

Allah Ta’ala has made all living creatures out of water. People require water for almost for everything but not all water carries the same value and significance.Muslims refer to the water of Zamzam as something revered and unique. They crave this mysterious liquid and love to drink it whenever they can. And for those who managed to go to the Hajj, they return home carrying it for thousands of miles as a prized possession and to give as special gift to their friends and families.