Qurbani 1435/2015 Appeal

Qurbani is one of the great rituals of Islam, wherein the believers remember the oneness of Allah and the obedience of His khaleel, Sayyiduna Ibrahim ‘alayhis-salaam.

A confirmed Sunnah, and considered a wajib by many ‘ulama, great attention is placed upon the importance of Qurbani.

With Ummah Welfare Trust, donors can offer their Qurbani in one of 18 countries this year. InshaAllah, thousands of our brothers and sisters will be provided with fresh Udhiyyah this Eid. Given the needs of the Ummah, Ummah Welfare Trusts asks you to feed as many Muslims as you can this year and try to donate for several animals.

– Small: Sheep and goats count as one share each.
– Large: Cattle and camels. The Qurbani of 7 persons is allowed with a large animal.
– 1/7th Share: A seventh share of a large animal.
– Subject to quotas being filled, the deadline for this year’s Qurbani donations is 28th September.


Refugee Crisis Appeal



Ummah Welfare Trust has launched an appeal for refugee crisis. Please donate generously via Ummah Welfare Trust website or by in person to Mufti Imran.


Your donation to Orphan Care in Palestine



Some of you donated generously to an orphan care institute during Ramadhan appeal. The money was successfully donated and below is the receipt for your reference.




Charity Collection Form


From now onward, those wishing to visit the mosque to collect charity on behalf of the organisation, must fill out the form to be reviewed by the committee.

The form is available on the download section.



Updates on Bereavement


As per our previous announcement, Janaza salaat of Omer was performed on Thursday however the burial will take place on Friday after Jummah salaat