Sharia Ruling on the decree pronouncement by the court

The following issues have been discussed by Mufti Yusuf Sacha in the attached document (see link below)
  • Is the divorce issued by the court approved and authorized?
  • If the man or woman files for a divorce, is the ruling in both cases the same or not?
  • If the divorce takes place, what type of divorce takes place?
  • When does the divorce take place in regards to waiting period (iddah)
  • In many cases the woman is abused and mistrated, what measures can be adopted to remove these circumstances?

You can download the document in english here or in urdu here.


The e-book called “THE GREAT FIQH ” by Al-Imam Al-A’tham Abu Hanifah (R.A.) (90-150H.)  is now available for you to download.

Four great imaams!!

Any mention of fiqh can’t be made without talking about the four great imams of fiqh and their schools of thought.  Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik ibn Anas,Imam Shafi`i, and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal are the luminous stars of the sky of Islamic jurisprudence.  It is very important to note and realise that despite the differences of opinion in the matters of fiqh, these blessed souls had nothing but the utmost respect for each other.