Naat Mehfil







Education (ILM) and Upbringing (Tarbiyyah)


We are pleased to inform you all that inshAllah on Sunday 15th March after Zuhur Salaah (1:15 PM), there will be a talk in English by Guest Speaker Sheikh Ishaq from Leicester. The topic of the talk is Ilm and Tarbiyyah (Education and Upbringing).  Separate section for ladies will be available

Seerah of Muhammad (S.A.W)


Shaykh Muhammad Taaha from Ummah Welfare Trust will be giving a talk in english about the Seerah of Muhammad (S.A.W). For more details, please see the poster below.


A Talk on Hazrat Essa (Jesus) A.S


The Mosque has arranged a talk on Hazrat Essa (Jesus) A.S specially for the children and young adults to learn more about Hazrat Essa A.S. a Prophet as they are often given Non-Islamic view in the school.

Bayaan (Talk) by Sheikh Ismayeel Patel

This coming Friday, Sheikh Ismayeel Patel from South Africa will give a talk (bayaan) during the Friday prayers. The talk will start at 12:45 so please be on time.