A book on Dua

A book on Dua by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb can be dowloaded from here. Following is the content of the book:

  • The Dua of the Auliya Allah
  • Duas of Hazrat Maulana
  • The acceptance of Dua
  • Insincerity
  • non-acceptance
  • The names of Allah Taala
  • The 99 names of Allah Taala
  • Durood Sharif
  • Sincere taubah
  • Immediate Wilayat
  • Some etiquettes of Duas
  • At the Airport

Morning and Evening Dua’s

Muhammad Akhtar Saheb writes in his book, “Morning and Evening Dua’s”:

The full benefit of taking tonics and health supplements will only be achieved by the one who refrains from eating poisonous substances.In the similar manner, those who refrain from sin will experience the full benefit of the virtues mentioned herein. If they occasionally err and slip into sin, they immediately repel the harm of the sin with sincere taubah and istighfaar. Therefore, it is vitally important to refrain from sin in order to achieve the benefits of reciting the wazaif.

The book can be downloaded here.

Duas for Pain, Fever and Adversity

The following are the Duas for Pain, Fever and Adversity:

Seventy Duas of Istighfar


An ebook, “Seventy Duas of Istighfar” (along with Durood Shareef) by Allama Qutub-ud-din Hanafi and translated by Rafique Abdul Rahman can be downloaded from here.


Best times to make duaa

There are certain times dua (supplication) is more likely to be accepted by Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) as mentioned by Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam). These times are as follows:

1. The Last Third Of The Night