The Eclipse Salaah


InshAllah, Salatul Kusoof (the Eclipse Salaah) will take place at Swindon Jamia Masjid, Broad Street at 9:15 AM Tomorrow (Friday). Brothers are requested to attend.

More information about Eclipse is as follows:

So in this matter here are some important rulings and guidelines.

1) Mughirah bin Shu’ba ra has narrated a Hadith, that the day on which the Son of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, Ibraheem radhiallahu anhu passed away, on the same day there was solar eclipse, so people started assuming that the death of Ibraheem is the cause for solar eclipse, on which Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam taught his Ummah by saying, “the Sun and the Moon are from the signs of Allah, so eclipse don’t happen because of some ones death or life, so when you see the eclipse, then perform prayer and make Dua” (Bukahri).

2) Abu Bakrah Radhiallahu anhu said, we were present in the company of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, suddenly solar eclipse occurred, prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam immediately stood up and rushed towards the masjid dragging his shawl, then he lead us in prayer of 2 Rakat, till the solar eclipse cleared. (Bukhari)

3) it is apparent from both above mentioned narrations that Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam himself lead two lengthy rakats of prayer until solar eclipse had cleared, and he commanded his followers to establish prayer and Dua at this occasion.

Therefore the “fuqaha”, jurists say that it’s Sunnah to be engaged in both practices, prayer and dua, through out the complete solar eclipse duration, if the prayer is long then dua can be short or if the dua is long then the prayer can be short. (Hidayah)

Method of Salatul Kusuf!

At the time of solar eclipse, two rakats of Salatul Kusuf should be lead/performed without the Azan and Iqamah, How ever to gather the people, announcement is sunnah.

Abdullah bin Umar radhiallahu anhuma narrates that when at the time of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, solar eclipse happened, people were gathered together by announcing “Assalatu Jamia” that the prayer with congregation is ready. (Bukhari)

Salatul Kusuf and the matter of two Rukus in every rakat!

According to Hanafi school of thought, Salatul Kusuf is performed just like normal prayers with one ruku in every rakat, yes to perform with long recitation, long Ruku and sujood is sunnah.

According to Imam Shafi ra, in every rakat two Rukus should be lead and performed, and that will be as follows, the Imam will will do long Qiyam, then he will perform long Ruku, then again long Qiyam but shorter than previous one, then again long Ruku but shorter than previous one.

Evidence of Imam Shafi ra
Aisha radhiallahu anha, narrated that Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam performed long recitation in Qiyam, then he perform long Ruku by saying Takbeer, then by saying Sami Allahu liman hamidah, he stood in Qiyam and he recited long recitation which was shorter than first recitation, then he went into long Ruku which was shorter than first Ruku. (Bukhari)

Evidence for Hanafi school of thought!
1)The previous narration mentioned by Abu bakrah radhiallahu anhu, in which it’s mentioned that Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam lead us in two rakats (there is no mention of two Rukus) (Bukhari)

2) Qabesa hilali radhiallahu anhu narrates that the prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam said “when you observe the solar eclipse then perform prayer like Fard (obligatory) prayer. (Ahmed & Nisai)

3) Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam lead people in Salatul Kusuf, in which he performed such a long Qiyam, that people thought that he will not do Ruku, then he went into Such a long Ruku that people thought that he will remain in Ruku and he will not raise his head, but then he raised his head and performed long Qomah, then he went into Sajdah, then he perform second rakat in similar fashion.
(shara Ma’anil Aasar littahawi)

So according to Ahnaf, the preference is given to 1 Ruku in every rakat, the reason for that is, that in some narrations, in one rakat there is the mention of two rakats (Bukhari)… some narrations there are 3 Rukus mentioned in one rakat (Tahawi)….and in some narrations there is even 4 Rukus mentioned in 1 rakat (Sahih Muslim)….

So in these different narrations the middle path is taken, and the “tatbeeq” is done between them, that in Salatul Kusuf Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam performed very long Ruku, which was not done in normal situation, and because of long Ruku, some people who were far behind, they raised their head to see if the prophet had completed his Ruku or not, and when they seen him still in Ruku then they went back into Ruku….but those people who were even further behind they seen front people bowing down second time, they thought that this was second Ruku, so this happened few times hence the number of Rukus are different in narrations, some say second, some third or even fourth.

The matter of Loud or quiet recitation in Salatul Kusuf!

According to Imam Abu Hanifa Rahimahullah, & Iman Shafi Rahimahullah, the recitation of Qirat will be recited quietly (Sirran) …..and according to Imam Malik & Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal Rahimahullah, the recitation will be loud (Jahran)

Evidence for loud Qirat!
Aisha radhiallahu anha narrates that Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam performed recitation loud in Salatul Kusuf. (Bukhari)

Evidence for Quiet recitation!
1) Abdullah bin Abbas radhiallahu anhu said that I performed his Salatul Kusuf with Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and I never heard s signal letter (Ahmed)

2) Samurah bin Jundub radhiallahu anhu reported that Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam lead us in Salatul Kusuf, and we never heard the recitation. (Tirmizee)

So according to Ahnaf the recitation will be quietly, the reason is that the hadith about loud recitation are mentioned by Hazrat Aisha radhiallahu anha, and hadith on quiet recitation is mentioned by male Sahabah, and now we all know that male Sahabah stood in prayer very close to the prophet and female Sahabaiyat stood right at the back so make Sahabah can relate better in this regard.

Now we must understand that loud recitation and two Rukus matter is “ijtihadi” hence its flexible, so one should follow the Imam of his locality and not to create any frustration in this matter, just follow your local imam as he sees appropriate to pray.
One should not force the other school of thought in this matter, even the mosque Comittee should not force the imam against his school of thought.

So Muslims are requested to take part in this congressional prayer of Salatul Kusuf and revive the sunnah!

Salatul Kusuf is two rakats with long Ruku, sujud and followed by sincere dua until eclipse has cleared.

If you don’t have imam to lead then nothing to worry, just pray individually where you can.

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