Parking around Masjid


The Swindon Council has been undergoing a review of the experimental traffic regulation order that was introduced in April 2014 as a result of which parking around the Masjid has been a major issue for worshipers.

Representations received from the community and meetings held with the local Ward Councillors, Swindon Borough Council proposes to make the following modification to the experimental order:

  • To turn all the current residents parking and Limited waiting on the Broad Street and Station Road to Duel use (shared bays). Limited waiting 1 hour (Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm and no return within 1 hour) and Residents parking (Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm) for permit holders zone J
  •  Reintroduce limited waiting on the Elmina Road Junction with County road and Colbourne road, County Road  end

If you wish to see the detail plan or wish to make comments, please visit

Furthermore, your ward Councillors, locality lead and the traffic & TRO technician will be available at Broadgreen community center on Thursday 25th September from 4 PM to 5:30 PM.

We advice everyone specially those who live around this area to participate this meeting and express your opinion.

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