Complete Easy Dictionary of the Quran

coverComplete easy dictionary of the Quran compiled by Shaikh AbdulKarim Parekh can be downloaded here. Some of the unique features of the book are as follows:

  • This book has been printed in Urdu more than 40 times and is now available in many different languages. It has been a means of bringing numerous peoples closer to the book of Allah. Some of the unique features of this book are:
  • It presents the meanings of the Arabic words of the Qur’an in the order of their occurrence. It avoids repetition of words to a great extent. However, the words are repeated quite a few times for the facility of the reader.
  • It avoids the painful exercise of locating each word in a dictionary.
  • Since you will learn the Arabic through the Qur’an, you will have the double advantage, of learning Arabic and learning the Qur’an. So whatever effort you spend, will directly be counted, Insha-Allah, as ‘hasanah’ (a good deed).
  • You will instantly feel the effects of studying this book in your daily Prayers, insha-Allah. This will encourage you to keep going. Such encouragement may not be there if you learn Arabic from any other source.
  • This book can be kept in an office, house, or in a travel kit. When you take a break, just start memorizing the words of those Surahs you plan to study or review words of those¬†Surahs which you have covered so far.

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