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  • In Memory of my Sister Mrs Lucille Jervis. 126 Broad Street. On behalf of my family I would like to thank the Swindon Masjid Cttee for their neighbourly support and understanding over the years to my Sister and for their kind words at her funeral on 4th Oct. I am the only revert to Islam in my family for the past 28 years. Lucille my eldest sister,was a strict Christian,however, she has been the only one to have given me continued sisterly love and support with my decision to revert over the years. She was a good person. You don’t get to choose your family but given a choice, I would choose her again. In sha Allah, I will return to your Masjid and hopefully pray on the foundations of my beloved sister Lucille’s house. You have my permission to publish this letter in your Newsletter. Sadiyah Rand Muhammad. Ealing, London. (PS please email me your bank details for D/Debit.)

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