Step by step guide to Hajj

Leaving Home

  • Two Rakaats Salaah of Safar (travel)
  • Leave Home
  • On arrival in Jeddah the males and females are separated. Give your spouse her passport, vaccination certificate, etc.
  • Make sure they give you back the part of the Immigration document that you have to fill in on the plane. Store it safely. Without this you cannot leave Jeddah easily.
  • Meet after immigration at the baggage reclaim.
  • Clear customs
  • Just outside customs is the Muassasa desks. They will take your draft and give you a booklet of travel coupons.
  • Your bags will be loaded onto a trolley nearby. Keep an eye on them. With all the confusion they can go to the wrong place.
  • Bags will be taken to the SA area of the terminal.
  • Go with the porter. No need to tip the porter.
  • Leave your bags with someone and go to the bank, Medina tickets etc.
  • Medina ticket office is just to the left of the terminal your originally came out of. Next to it is a bank to change money.
  • If going by plane to Medina then retrieve your bags from the SA area and come and sit near the Medina terminal, right next door to the terminal you exited from.
  • Your passports will be taken away when you board the plane or when you check your bags on.
  • When you get to Medina get your baggage and leave the terminal.
  • At the exit they will give you a small piece of paper that has the details of where your passport will be kept. Look after it well.
  • Outside the terminal are taxis to take you to you hotel. SR30 per person. Make sure you have the right details of the Hotel. There are three Intercontinentals, four Ansaar apartments etc. So get the correct address from your agent.
  • Have a rest and shower before going to make salaam for the first time.
  • Before leaving Medina your agent will collect your passport using the little piece of paper that you were given at the airport.

Leaving Medina

  • Wear your Ihram at the hotel after taking a bath. Don’t make the intention for Ihram.
  • On your way out the bus will stop at Bir Ali and you will make your 2 Rakaats here and make intention for Ihram.
  • On reaching Makkah first sort out your hotel, have a rest and meals and then perform Umrah. Don’t rush. Wait for a quiet time.

Five days of Hajj

  • Put on Ihram on the first day and after Fajr proceed to Mina. By bus or walking. Have an idea of where your agent’s camp is if you get lost or are walking with another group.
  • In Mina spend time praying.
  • Next morning you leave for Arafat. Sunnah to read Fajr in Mina.
  • When you get to Arafat take a rest before Zawaal. From Zawaal engage in Ibaadat to attract the mercy of Allah.
  • After Asr stand outside and make dua. Individually or collectively. Do both as your needs are not known by all. And you can get the benefit of the duas of the pious when they make dua collectively. Make dua from the heart, not from the book.
  • Depart from Arafat after magrib. Depends on your agent and when a bus is available.
  • On reaching Muzdalifah make Magrib and Esha with one Azan and one Iqamah. Then collect stones for pelting.
  • Spend the night in Ibaadat and dua. Take some rest.
  • After Fajr leave for Mina again.
  • Pelt the Big Jamarat.
  • Go to Makkah.
  • Wait until your Qurbani is complete.
  • Shave hair. Remove Ihram.
  • Have a shower and you are free to wear ‘normal’ clothes.
  • Make Tawaaf and Sa’ee. Can be made any time in the next three days.
  • Go back to Mina.
  • Pelt the Jamarat every day after Zawaal till Magrib. Can be done after this if the crowds are huge.

Going home

  •  The agent will inform you of the time of your intended departure.
  • Be ready before the time. Avoid last minute shopping.
  • At the airport in Jeddah make sure you have all your luggage.
  • Cash up your unused travel coupons.
  • Have your Zam Zam sealed. Mark your name on it clearly.
  • Check in. This can take upto three hours.
  • Wait for your flight. Food in the airport is expensive so take something to munch on.
  • If you have a Diners card you can go and sit in the Executive lounge.
  • Go home safely. Your sins have been washed off.


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