Timetable for 2018

2018 Prayer Calendar has now been updated on masjid’s website and can be found on the Timetable page.
Also, please note that a printed calendar copy can be collected from the Masjid.

Masjid Expansion Project – Updates


As you all know, the work to expand the mosque to next door house is progressing well. We have reached the state where we will start taking parts of the wall down. As a result, from Wednesday (6th July) until the next few days, there will no toilet/wudhu facilities.

Alternate is Shah Jalal Mosque which a minute walk.

Updates (12th July): The wudhu area is still not open. The work should be done in next few days inshallah. 

Updates (31st July): The wudhu area is now open

Ramadhan Timetable 1437

Ramadhan timetable has been updated is available on the timetable section.


Ramadhan 1437: Moon Sighting


Please note that the moon has been sighted on 5th June 2016

  • First of Ramadhan will be on Monday 6th June Inshallah. Taraveeh will start today Sunday 5th June 2016.
  • The timetable has been updated.
  • Separate facilities is available for female wishing to attend Taraveeh


Swindon Jamia masjid Halal food distribution in Greece


JazakAllah for everyone who donated money for the noble cause of distributing food to Syrian Refugees in Greece. Alhamdulillah a donation of £6500 was given.

Please see the video below: