iPhone/iPad app for the Mosque


As you may be aware that we have an android app for Swindon Masjid that lets you access daily salaah timetable on a touch of a button, we also want to develop an app for iPhone/iPad with advance features like notifications. However, the app will cost approximately £600 to develop. To support the development, we intent to charge for the app and thus would like to understand how many users will install/buy the app so we can continue with the project accordingly.

Would you buy an iPhone/iPad app for under £5

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Free SMS Service

Assalamualikum, We are pleased to announce free SMS service. For details, please see the poster below:



A new page has been designed for you all to get information on all the services Swindon Masjid has to offer. You can visit the page here: http://www.swindonmasjid.com/services/


Donate us online …


Please be informed that you can now donate us online via the donate button on the left.


Stay connected to Swindon Masjid


Since many of you have asked me to provide information on how to stay connected to Swindon Masjid, please find all the options available for you to access Swindon Masjid articles and timetable.