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Assalamualikum All,

Recently I started hearing some complains about the Swindon Masjid app on Android so I decided to look into getting it fixed. 

Unfortunately, due to some technical issue, I was unable to fix the existing app. However, I have developed a new app that you can now download from play store.


iPhone/iPad app for the Mosque


As you may be aware that we have an android app for Swindon Masjid that lets you access daily salaah timetable on a touch of a button, we also want to develop an app for iPhone/iPad with advance features like notifications. However, the app will cost approximately £600 to develop. To support the development, we intent to charge for the app and thus would like to understand how many users will install/buy the app so we can continue with the project accordingly.

Would you buy an iPhone/iPad app for under £5

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Free SMS Service

Assalamualikum, We are pleased to announce free SMS service. For details, please see the poster below:



A new page has been designed for you all to get information on all the services Swindon Masjid has to offer. You can visit the page here:


Donate us online …


Please be informed that you can now donate us online via the donate button on the left.