Jumma Prayer Arrangement during the Covid Pandemic

Due to strict social distancing restrictions in place, only a limited number of Musallee can be accommodated inside the masjid. Therefore, three Jumma congregations have been organised at following times to spread out the attendees and maintain social distancing:                                                                                             

First Jama’at: 12:15 PM
Second Jama’at: 1:00 PM
Third Jama’at: 1:30 PM             

Please note that all of social distancing measure listed in a previous post below MUST be adhered to whilst you are at the Masjid.                             
It is understandable that some of our brothers may find these measure inconvenient or too limiting, but these measure have been put in place to ensure compliance with the UK Government guidelines on social gatherings in a worship setting. Masjid administration seek your appreciation and cooperation. Let’s all pray insha-Allah that we soon come out of Covid restrictions. Jazak-Allah


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