How to Adapt Our Ramadan in current circumstances…

  • Taraweeh: Organising taraweeh at home as a family and pray in congregation.
  • Give Charity:  Support the needy in this month of Ramdan by sharing and caring. Continue to support Masjid through your generous donations.
  • Quran: Ramadan is also the month of Quran. Plan to recite Quran in your daily routines.
  • Creating a spiritual atmosphere at home: Streaming Islamic lectures or taraweeh in your home,either pre-recorded or live. Arranging virtual iftars with loved ones and community members through themany online video calling facilities available.
  • Reduce your trips to shops:  Plan your iftar menus in advance so that you can limit multipleshopping trips given social distancing measures.

Ramadan started on Friday the 24th April, 2020.    Ramadan Timetable can now be downloaded here

Note: Under the UK Govt. guidance on social gatherings, all congregational prayers including 5 daily prayers, Taraweeh and Jummah prayer will unfortunately remain suspended at Swindon Jamia Masjid

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