Corona Virus Announcement!

Starting from 19th of March 2020, all congregational activities including 5 Salahs, Jummua prayers and madrassa classes are to remain suspended until further notice.

Whilst the importance of congregational prayer is clear, with the increasing rate of transmission of COVID-19 and deaths on both at regional and national level the medical and Islamic scholar’s advice is to limit social contact.

We will closely monitor the situation and reopen the Masjid for salah and gatherings, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please continue to follow the detailed government advice in isolating yourself from family members if you have symptoms, and “shielding” at-risk groups (people above 70 years, pregnant women and those with long term health conditions) from getting the virus by limiting close physical contact and maintaining strict hygiene, even if you do not have symptoms.

Finally during these difficult times can we please remind you to reach out to your vulnerable neighbours with an offer to help, as is our Islamic duty.

May Allah swt continue to protect us and enable us to utilise this difficult time to draw closer to him.

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