UK Floods – Updates

Assalamualikum All,

Please find below a short update from Brother Abdussamad Mulla and a video playlist showing how AlImdaad organisation with the help of charity and fund raised across UK including Swindon helped the flood victims.

Today Alhamdulillah we had over 150 volunteers from across the UK assisting with the cleanup in Carlisle, Keswick, Glenridding and Cockermouth. A lot of work was needed and everyone got together and made a huge difference. Door to door good distributions and cleanup took place and the response has been outstanding.

Those that want want to help will always be able to help, those that don’t want to help will send messages saying no help is required unfortunately.

Personally i want to thank all those that came and made a difference, when our country needed us we were there to help Alhamdulillah.

May the Almighty accept from us all and enable us to serve humanity always, Ameen.

“The best of mankind are those who benefit mankind” – Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

For those that still want to help, kindly contact the Kesiwck convention centre and they will direct you as to where you can assist.

JazakAllah Khayr
Abdussamad Mulla
Al-Imdaad Foundation UK


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