Bereavement Announcement

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun. The three year old son of brother Tufail Hussain (Islam channel presenter and CEO of Orphans in need) drowned while they were on holiday in Portugal. So heartbreaking…  May Allah swt grant all his loved ones sabrun jameel. This was a message from brother Tufail to people who were responding to the news:

Thank you for your kind words. Our reliance is upon Allah. In His infinite wisdom Allah SWT has decided to take Umar from us early, in this there is khair. Make dua, we’re working to release him without an autopsy being performed. We have people from the local Muslim community and the consulate assisting us. Please remember Umar Tufail Hussain and my family in your duas.

Namaz e Janaza salaat will be performed after Zohar salaat on Thursday at ShahJalal mosque, Manchester road though if it is raining, Janaza will take place at Swindon Jamia Masjid, Broad street.

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