Eid-ul-Adha updates


Eid-ul-Adha will be on Satruday 4th October between. The Eid Prayers will be at 10:00am at Lydiard Park Academy, Grange Park Way, Swindon SN5 6HN

Please make sure you are on time.  There will be a separate section for ladies.


  • Terrible organization and communication regarding Eid prayers, resulting in many of us missing it. Why not have two readings. To give people the wrong timing is a disgrace. Why not just wait until you can see that people have arrived and have less time at the end for your gossiping!

  • Hello Anon,

    We informed everyone about 10:00 AM in Friday prayers, using our SMS service, website advertisement as well as poster in the Masjid and it is normally when Eid Salaah is performed in Swindon.

    However, if you think our communication or the process can improve, please feel to visit Mosque and talk to any of the committee member.


  • The guy who is whinging about the timing of prayer this comment is for you. Try to read Salah in the masjid so that you know the timings of Salah. Also stop complaining if you were late its your own fault the timing of Eid prayer was mentioned on the website and on the posters in the masjid. if you have had problems this time try to organize the Eid event yourself next time.

  • Ahmed, some people work and therefore cannot sit in the mosque 24/7 unlike some!!! Who are you to judge me. My comment was not personal and directed to anyone so shut up with your ridiculous response. To be told the timing in Jummah prayer should be enough, this was after all the Eid which people knew days in advance and was not based on moon sighting. My comment has obviously touched a nerve with you -your bitchy response clearly shows that. Are you responsible for the fiasco on Saturday? If you were responsible for the poor organisation, next time don’t bother and leave it to the grown ups. The venue was a disgrace and certainly no place to do salah. Having to look at posters of footballers and shoes piled at the side, while sisters were visible while entering the hall, it was shameful. You could have so easily done two Salahs in the mosque. There were many of us who,thanks to your crap organisation, missed eid salah and went along to Al Habib. That is why I want people to know what a sham it was.

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