Gaza Emergency Appeal (from: Ummah Welfare Trust)

Dear Respected committee members, Imams and friends in Swindon,

I write to you today regarding the dire situation in Gaza, Palestine.

The people of Gaza are being bombed and attacked once again. Air strikes in the past week have killed more than a hundred civilians in the strip, and injured many more.

The strikes, coinciding with the start of Ramadhan, have targeted houses, masaajid, cars and farmlands. Ummah Welfare Trust, with an established base in Gaza, has launched an emergency appeal this Ramadhan for our brothers and sisters. Your donations are being used to supply much-needed food and medical provisions.

We are working through our base in Gaza to provide emergency aid. Payments are being sent directly to Palestinian bank accounts for this purpose and we have encountered no problems with regards to sending payments, Alhamdulillah. Ummah Welfare Trust has already made numerous payments in the last few weeks for various
emergency aid and Ramadhan/Eid projects as have other humanitarian organisations. Feedback including images and videos are being provided regularly via the UWT website and social media.

For further queries, our office in Gaza can be contacted on the following:

UWT Gaza Office
Flat 43, Shawwa Building
Omar Mukhtar Street
Gaza, Palestine
Tel: +972 8 2884977

In this month of mercy, we are asking all our brothers and sisters to unite more than ever, beseech Allah for our brothers and sisters across the Ummah and provide any humanitarian aid we can for our suffering Ummah.

May Allah swt accept the continuous support being provided to the Ummah from the community of Swindon and make it a means for our salvation in the hereafter.


Muhammad Taaha Laher
Fundraising Manager
Ummah Welfare Trust

T: 020 8534 3627

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