Donate an Ambulance in Gaza

Cambulanceonsidering the health crisis in Gaza and its effects on the people in Gaza, most of the hospitals in Gaza suffer from the shortage of medical supplies and equipments.. Most of the medical installments and needs in Gaza hospitals are old and they can’t afford to buy new and modern tools and needs due to the extreme high prices and bad economic situation in Gaza.

Ummah Welfare Trust – UK is urgently looking for sponsor for Ambulance Project for GAZA. The Ambulance will be used in transport of Patients to Hospitals in Gaza during Emergency and during the Israeli attacks on Gaza . The needy people come from these towns living under extreme poverty and a large growing of population.

UWT will procure NEW Ambulance ( VOLKS WAGEN ) Model 2014 and equipping it to help it to complete its role in serving the Palestinians community in all possible ways and to quick saving of patients in the emergency cases.

Health situation in Gaza is in dangerous situation due to several reasons summarized as follows:

  1. Israeli blockage prevents many patients from being treated outside the country.
  2. The bad economic condition in the country reflects on all life aspects and extended to health care .
  3. The Israeli attacks and air strikes on Gaza which kill and wound thousands of civilians in Gaza .
  4. Most of the hospitals in Gaza suffer from the shortage of medical installments and equipments.

The Direct Beneficiaries will be:

  • Patients who are living in Gaza city .

Objectives of the project:

  1.  To procure Ambulance for GAZA & equipping it .
  2. To ensure patients get benefit from the Ambulance Project


  •  £35,000

Duration of Supply the Ambulance to Gaza 

  • Supply & Install of the  NEW Ambulance takes between 3 weeks – 4 week

Technical Specification of Ambulance


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